Ridge and Isaac at Keelips4Ridge Shinn has recently founded Big Picture Beef to build the supply of grass-fed beef in the Northeast, U.S.A.  See the new website at bigpicturebeef.com.

The new company’s mission is to establish an environmentally sustainable and economically viable model of producing beef through managed grazing—no feedlots and no grain ever. Big Picture Beef is producing Northeast grass-fed beef for Northeast customers. The benefits of this program will be nutrient-dense foods; carbon sequestration, soil fertility and biodiversity; energy savings; and a revitalized rural economy in the region.

Ridge is a recognized expert in producing and marketing 100% grass-fed beef. In addition to managing his own herd, he co-founded Hardwick Beef, a successful meat company, and has developed markets and distribution systems for grass-fed beef throughout the Northeast. In a Wine Spectator competition in 2002, his filet mignon triumphed over the grain-fed entries, establishing that grass-fed beef can be a gourmet food. Ridge has consulted in New Zealand, England, Uruguay, Argentina, and all over North America.   His work has been recognized in the Smithsonian, Atlantic Monthly, the New York Times, and Time Magazine. He serves on the Advisory board of Biodiversity for a Livable Climate.

Ridge at Tufts