Job posting: Big Picture Beef seeks Chief of Operations

BigPictureBeeflogoSMBig Picture Beef (BPB) is seeking a Chief of Operations (COO) to oversee the production and  distribution of 100% grass-fed beef to wholesale customers in the Northeast. The company’s mission is to establish an environmentally sustainable and economically viable model of producing beef through managed grazing—no feedlots and no grain, ever.

Big Picture Beef founder and CEO Ridge Shinn will work with numerous farms in the region to produce young stock according to BPB standards. Then BPB will aggregate these cattle for fattening on several large finishing farms, also in the region, that are staffed by skilled graziers.  A variety of regenerative farming techniques, notably rotational grazing to foster soil health and fertility, are key to the company’s mission. BPB will harvest the finished cattle in the region and sell locally grown 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef and beef products to Northeast wholesale customers.

The COO will be a member of the senior management team for this new and growing business. See the COO job description here.