Raising grass-fed beef

mob grazing photo, edited

All the benefits of grass-fed beef—environmental, health, and gustatory—would not be available without people who have mastered the essential knowledge and skills of raising the cattle. Whether they call themselves ranchers or farmers, anyone raising  cattle for market is a “producer.”

The first challenge for producers is to build a herd of cattle that are genetically suited for a diet of grass and forage alone – no grain, ever. With the right cattle for grass, routine care is fairly simple if the animals have access to Rotokawas in Hardwick largegood grass and forage, because these cattle tend to be healthy and rugged. Since high-quality, nutritious meat requires good pasture and that requires healthy, fertile soil, the producer’s focus should be on pasture and grazing. A good grazing plan is fundamental to raising 100% grass-fed beef. For cold climates we recommend practices that will extend the grazing season.